Applied Arts

The Applied Arts department features a variety of elective classes including Aviation Ground School, Graphic Design, Automotive Technology, Personal Finance, and others.

Classes Offered

Automotive Technology – 10 credits

Automotive Technology is designed to give students a deeper understanding of auto mechanics. It includes preventive maintenance; brake, exhaust, and electrical systems; troubleshooting; and general engine repairs. The course also covers minor auto body repair. Lab Fee.

Graphic Design – 5 credits

This one semester course teaches students the principles of graphic design, using the Adobe Creative Suite. Lab Fee.

Freshmen Life Skills – 5 credits

This one-semester course is designed to be a practical guide for students; to equip them with the skills they need to tackle situations they will face during their first year at BMA. Topics may include handling homesickness, personal hygiene, cooking methods, dorm cleanliness, manners and etiquette, relationships and study techniques. Required for all Freshmen.

Ground School – 5 credits

Private pilot ground school presents a solid foundation in aerodynamics, aircraft systems and servicing, airport operations and communication, regulations, meteorology, weight and balance, as well as descriptions of primary flight maneuvers. It includes cross country navigation methods, flight physiology and meteorology to prepare for the FAA Private Pilot written exam.

Introduction to Leadership – 2.5 credits

This class helps the beginning leader focus on characteristics fundamental to the self awareness every leader must understand in order to be successful. The process starts by reviewing key leadership concepts as presented by Steven Covey, and the leadership model of researchers Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. This class is offered first semester.

Personal Finance – 5 credits

This course uses Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University materials. It prepares students how to manage money and particularly how to stay away from debt. This course underlines the importance of Christian principles in dealing with money. Savings, Investments, Budgeting, Insurance, Career Choices, Taxes, and Real Estate are the major topics discussed in this course. The emphasis also given to College preparation, applying for scholarships, future career and financial goals.

Principles of Christian Leadership – 2.5 credits

Much research has been conducted regarding the topic of leadership. This class takes students through a process of understanding the various theories of leadership. Classes are generally activity focused with principles driving each activity to help a student’s understanding of the concepts presented. This class is offered second semester.

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Eric Engen
Music and Computer Teacher, IT Administrator

Eric Engen

Eric Engen is a Music and Applied Arts teacher.
Mark Wandell
Automotive Technology Teacher

Mark Wandell

Mark Wandell is the Auto Technology Teacher for Blue Mountain Academy.