Blue Mountain Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist secondary school. Each year, students are required to take a Religion class to grow in their knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Classes Offered

Bible 9 – 10 credits

This course comprises a study of God’s relationship to individuals as revealed in two books of the Bible that especially emphasize this theme. Genesis is studied first semester, and Matthew is studied second semester.

Bible 10 – Survey of Judeo/Christian History – 10 credits

This course emphasizes the study of Biblical history in the light of God’s relationship to His church. Students will find in God’s leading of Israel, the early Christian church, and the Seventhday Adventist Church, illustrations of how God desires to lead in their lives.

Bible 11 – 10 credits

This course emphasizes the principles of life revealed in Bible doctrines. Discussions center on topics such as: How does God speak? What does God disclose about Himself? What are the messages God gives to His last-day people? How can we share these truths with others? Additional emphasis will be given to study of the books of Daniel and Revelation.

Bible 12 – 10 credits

This course emphasizes intentional spiritual and personal growth through the study of the Gospel of John, Hebrews, Christian living, college and career goals, love and marriage, interpersonal skills, family life, life philosophy, moral issues, leadership skills, and peer mentoring

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Our Faculty

Sang Hae Kim
Chaplain and Religion Teacher

Sang Hae Kim

Sang Hae Kim is the Chaplain and Religion teacher.
Soo Jin Lee
Computers, Math, and Religion Teacher

Soo Jin Lee

Soo Jin Lee teaches Computers, Math, Religion, and Korean Culture.
Barbara Mathias
English and Drama Teacher

Barbara Mathias

Barbara Mathias teaches English, Drama, and Bible.

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