The Science Department offers a variety of classes teaching students about the human body, chemistry, the environment, and physics.

Classes Offered

Anatomy & Physiology (Honors/Dual Enrollment) – 10 credits

This elective course emphasizes an advanced study of human anatomy and physiology and designed primarily for students preparing to pursue a medical career. God’s creative design is studied through body systems, which include: the integumentary, muscle, bone, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive, and reproductive systems. They will experience hands-on labs, as well as college-level reading requirements. A three-ringed binder is required. Prerequisite: A grade of B in Biology or by permission of the instructor. Advanced course prerequisites apply.

Biology – 10 credits

In this course students will discover God’s signature throughout His natural world as concepts of biological principles, cells, DNA, the cell cycle, genetics, invertebrates, and vertebrates are considered. The scientific method is utilized throughout laboratory experiences. A three-ringed binder and a calculator are required.

Chemistry – 10 credits

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the basic laws and theories concerning the structure and nature of matter and to understand the incredible wisdom of God behind these laws. Lots of hands-on lab experiments are included. Prerequisite: A grade of C or higher in Algebra 1.

Conceptual Physical Science – 10 Credits

This course is designed to explore the role of science in the natural world and to acquire deep appreciation for the Creator from a scientific perspective. This course includes several hands-on laboratory sessions for promoting efficient learning experience. A calculator is required.

Life Science – 10 credits

This course shows that God’s creation is open for exploration as both Life Science themes and health objectives are combined. Students will study ecosystems, environmental health, structure and function of human body systems, the effects of drugs, biblical principles of health and purity, origin by design, and disease and prevention. Observation is emphasized through laboratory experiences. A three-ringed binder and a calculator are required.

Physics – 10 credits

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the fundamental approach to physics. The laws of vector mechanics, motion, and heat are introduced. This class is for juniors and seniors only. A scientific calculator is required. See instructor for specific type. Prerequisite: C average in Algebra 1 & 2.

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Rose Bechtel
Science Teacher
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Rose Bechtel
Science Teacher

Rose Bechtel

Rose Bechtel is a Science teacher at Blue Mountain Academy.
Solomon Lazar
Science & Math Teacher, International Student Advisor/Recruiter

Solomon Lazar

Solomon Lazar is a Science and Math teacher and International Student Adviser/Recruiter...