Aaron Weber

Vocational Education Director

About Aaron Weber

I grew up in an Adventist home and in 1990 I was baptized into the SDA Church. My elementary education consisted of a mixture of public, Adventist, and home school. For high school, I attended Country Haven Academy in Pasco Washington ’92-95’ and then returned to my home in Southern Oregon for my senior year in 95’-96’. Upon completing high school, I attended Rogue Community College part time, volunteered with Josephine Co. Search and Rescue and started an organic farm on my grand parent’s property. In 1998, I accepted a call to develop an agriculture program at a self-supporting Adventist school for at-risk youth in West Virginia. Over the next two years we built a greenhouse, started growing and marketing shitake mushrooms, and raised food for the cafeteria. While there, I also functioned as boy’s dorm staff, work education coordinator, and math teacher.

Upon completing 2 years, I returned to Oregon to pick up where I left off on the farm. I cleared more land, construct several greenhouses and marketed plants and produce from the farm, through farmer’s markets, restaurants, and grocery stores. I also volunteered at Madrone Adventist Elementary School and taught horticulture and green housing. Although I really enjoyed farming, in 2002 I began missing working with young people decided to go to Southern Adventist University and study to become a teacher.

In the winter of 2003 I enrolled at SAU and began working on a BS in Math and Science Education. In the spring of 2006 I earned my credentials to teach math, science, and history in middle school and junior academy. While attending SAU I dedicated most of my vacations to  doing a wide variety of jobs including, maintenance, agriculture, summer school teacher, and temporary boy’s dean. In May of 2006 I returned to West Virginia and spent the next 5 years functioning as the Executive Director and Business Manager. In 2008 I met Karla Andexler and in 2010 we were married. In 2011, with Baby Landon on the way, we decided that it was time to return once again to farming in Oregon.

In October of 2013 we packed up and moved to Blue Mountain Academy to serve as the Director of Operations. My hobbies and interests include: hiking, backpacking, rafting, mountain biking, gardening, reading, carpentry, and mission trips.


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