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About Doug Stewart

Douglas W. Stewart is the Chair of the Social Studies Department at Blue Mountain Academy. He began working here in 1998. He teaches World History, Western Civilizations, Advanced Placement United States History, United States Government, and Introduction to Psychology

Doug has a Bachelor of Arts with teaching credentials in History and English from Southwestern Adventist University, and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Development from the University of Missouri.

He is married to Nancy, who teaches speech, journalism, and yearbook at Reading High School. They have two sons, Gene (BMA Class of 2004) and Jim (BMA Class of 2006).

He says, “The year I left my last job in Texas, I had two calls, one to BMA, and one as the principal of Richmond Academy in Virginia. My wife and I examined all the pros and cons of both schools. During this time I received a letter from a former student. The letter seemed to be God’s message to me that he wanted me working in boarding school. So I followed God’s prompting and have not regretted it one moment. When you are doing God’s will, you will know it.”

“Blue Mountain Academy has softened me over the years. My students have taught me as much as I have tried to teach them. I have been told that I am more approachable than I used to be. Students have shown me the one can be friendly and still command the respect needed in a school setting.”


Doug Stewart
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