Rose Bechtel

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About Rose Bechtel

Rosemarie A. Bechtel is the Chair of the Science Department, STEM club sponsor, and science teacher at Blue Mountain Academy. She began working here in 1992. She teaches Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Life Science, and Physical Science.

Rose attended BMA as a student and graduated in 1982. She obtained a B.S. in Secondary Education, with an emphasis in Biology, and a Master of Education at Kutztown Univerity and Gratz College.

She is married to Darryl and has two daughters, Autumn (BMA class of 2002) and Angela (BMA class of 2007).

She says, “God called me to BMA because of a desire to share Jesus along with science to my students. I would like my students to see His signature in all that we study! BMA changed my perspective on how God’s Spirit works with all His children. It has been fascinating to see the spiritual growth in our students over four years here at BMA, as they return to visit BMA as college students, and then as they become parents. The science of redemption is captivating and I too have been changed by His Spirit.”

Rose Bechtel
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