Defined Dress Code – DDC

What is DDC?

Rather than a uniform, BMA has chosen to adopt what we call a Defined Dress Code (DDC). During classes and while in Edison Hall, students are required to be in DDC.  This includes polo shirts in a variety of colors with BMA’s logo and Docker-style pants that are solid tan in color. Girls are also permitted to wear non-form fitting solid tan-colored skirts as long as the hem of the skirt reaches the knee when sitting or standing.  The skirt’s slit must be no higher than the top of the knee.  Appropriate shoes include casual dress shoes, tennis shoes, and sandals with a heal strap (flip-flops are not allowed).

Hoodies and sweatshirts are no longer considered appropriate attire in the administration building. We instead offer a personalized DDC jacket for all students.

Ad Building School Attire (DDC) options:

During the cooler months of the school year, a short-sleeve DDC polo shirt from Black Lab Apparel may not be enough to keep your child warm in the ad building during school hours.

There are several acceptable options to help keep your child warm:

  1. Purchase long-sleeve DDC polo shirts from Black Lab Apparel.
  2. Wear Under Armor, thermals, turtlenecks, long-sleeve shirt, etc. UNDER the BMA DDC polo shirt.
  3. Purchase the BMA DDC jacket (embroidered first name is optional).

Students are allowed to wear a winter coat to the ad building, but are asked to store it in their locker during school hours.

DDC Brochure

Where to Buy

DDC shirts are available through Black Lab Apparel.  Polo shirts are available in short and long sleeves, and in a variety of colors.  A personalized DDC jacket with BMA’s logo is also available to each student.  Every student is required to purchase one navy blue, short sleeved BMA polo shirt (required for certain school activities).  Black Lab Apparel can be contacted through phone, email, fax, or their website.

Black Lab Apparel
phone:  800-872-5626
fax:  800-854-6614

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