Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tuition cost at Blue Mountain Academy?

The cost of attending Blue Mountain Academy for a dormitory student for a year is comprised of tuition, room and board, and cafeteria charges.  In addition to that, the first tuition payment, along with a registration fee, a room deposit, and the cost of books, is due registration weekend.  Village students are responsible for only for tuition, and during registration weekend, the first tuition payment, along with the registration fee and the cost of books is due.  A more in-depth breakdown of student finances for a school year, along with tuition prices, can be found at here.

What financial aid is available to my child?

BMA is able to offer limited financial aid programs for students in need.  The Pennsylvania Conference has set in place the Three-Way Program.  In this plan, the Pennsylvania Conference, the student’s church, and BMA donate a specific amount of money determined by the student’s church.  BMA also offers a scholarship for students who work at Adventist summer camps during the summer.  Students may find a sponsor (usually from their churches) who will donate toward their education.  Students have a variety of job opportunities to choose from at BMA, and the wages students earn offset the price of their tuition.

More information can be found here, or call the Business Office at 484-662-7020 with any questions you may have about BMA’s financial aid program.

How can I arrange a visit to Blue Mountain Academy for my child?

Simply call the school at 484-662-7000.  You can set up a visit then.

BMA also hosts an annual event each spring called Academy Days.  Prospective students have the opportunity to meet current and other prospective students, attend a few classes, and stay overnight in the dormitories, as well as seeing performances from the musical groups and BMA’s gymnastics team, the Aerial Aires.  You can register by calling the school for more information.

Where can my child apply to attend Blue Mountain Academy?

Applications packets and the application checklist for BMA can be found here.  Prospective students can call BMA at 484-662-7000 and request an application packet to be mailed to them, or they can pick up a packet from the school.  BMA students who go recruiting carry application packets with them, so prospective students can pick up an application that way, as well.

What is involved in the application process?

BMA must have five forms on file before a student will be considered for admission:  the application form (which includes a photo and an application fee), three recommendation forms (two from teachers or a principal and one from a pastor or Sabbath School teacher), a transcript release form, a discipline form, and a financial intent form.  Once the student has been accepted, the student must submit dental, physical examination, and immunization forms before he will be allowed to attend.

Will my child have to be interviewed to be accepted?

Most prospective students do not need to be interviewed as a part of the application process.  However, some may be asked to come to the school for a one-on-one interview.  This usually is the case if the student has no prior experience with the school, or if the school has no prior experience with the student (many BMA students have been on campus for events such as Music Fest, Sports Fest, Academy Days, or the conference’s camp meeting, or to visit siblings who attend BMA already).  This can include, but is not limited to, non-Adventist applicants and students from out of state.  The purpose of the interview is to meet the prospective student and ensure that BMA and the student are a good fit.

Can my child request his/her roommate?

Yes.  New students have the option to write down on their application form who they want to room with.  It is not guaranteed that a student will be paired with the person they asked for, but requests are taken into consideration.  At the end of each year, returning students are given the option to request who they would like to room with for the following year.

Some students are able to have their own rooms in the dormitories, but deans recommend students to share a room with another student in an effort to enhance students’ social lives and help students feel more at home.

Can my child request his/her job?

Incoming students can request their jobs, but they are not guaranteed their first choice.  Returning students have first selection of jobs the April before the school year, and by the time new students are able to apply for jobs on campus, many positions have been filled.

What is Blue Mountain Academy’s dress code?

Rather than a uniform, BMA has chosen to adopt what we call a Defined Dress Code (DDC). During classes and while in Edison Hall, students are required to be in DDC.  This includes polo shirts with BMA’s logo and Docker-style pants that are solid tan in color. Girls are also permitted to wear non-form fitting solid tan-colored skirts as long as the hem of the skirt reaches the knee when sitting or standing.  The skirt’s slit must be no higher than the top of the knee.  Appropriate shoes include casual dress shoes, tennis shoes, and sandals with a heal strap (flip-flops are not allowed).

Hoodies and sweatshirts are no longer considered appropriate attire in the administration building.

Click here for more information and a visual guide to DDC.

Where can I get DDC shirts for my child?

DDC shirts are available through Black Lab Apparel.  Polo shirts are available in short and long sleeves, and in a variety of colors.  Full-zip fleece jackets with Blue Mountain Academy’s logo are also available.  Every student is required to purchase one navy blue, short sleeved BMA polo shirt (required for certain school activities).  Black Lab Apparel can be contacted through phone, email, fax, or their website.

Black Lab Apparel
phone:  800-872-5625
fax:  800-854-6614

What happens if my child gets sick at school?

If a student is sick, the student’s dean (or parents, for village students) must notify the Principal’s Office and the child’s work site before 8:30 a.m.  Students living in the dormitory must additionally be placed on sick list and are required to stay in their rooms while they remain on sick list.

Will my child be permitted to drive to and from classes?

Yes.  Village students are required to be registered with the Principal’s Office (registration requires signing an automobile contract, a copy of the student’s driver’s license, and a certificate of liability insurance).  Village students are required to park in the parking lot on the south side of Edison Hall.

Dormitory students are also allowed to drive to and from school on home leaves and weekends.  Parents of dormitory students must request in writing that their child be permitted to bring their cars on campus.  As soon as the student arrives, he must park in a designated area and give his license plate and keys to the dean.

Bringing vehicles on campus is a privilege, however, and failure to comply with regulations will result in loss of that privilege.

Who is permitted to take my child off campus?

Faculty members and a student’s parents/guardians are permitted to take students off campus.  Parents of dorm students are required to put together an approved list of people to take their student off campus.

Village students are not permitted to take dorm students off campus for any reason.

When can my child leave campus?

Dorm students are permitted to leave campus with parents, faculty members, and people on the student’s approved list as long as the student will not be missing a responsibility, such as work or class.  If a student plans on being away from campus overnight, he has to fill out a campus leave request form, and if the student will miss any classes, the trip has to be cleared with the Administration Council.

Village students are permitted to leave campus during the school day as long as they sign out at the Principal’s Office or the south hall exit.

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