Financial Information

Think you can’t afford a BMA education?
We are here to help.

Enrolling in Blue Mountain Academy is not just the beginning of an exceptional academic experience, but it is a spiritual investment as well. We have many scholarships available to positively recognize you for the things you already do–from good academics to playing an instrument to involvement in your church.

Any forms or letters you might need are listed below for your convenience. Please don’t hesitate to contact with any financial questions or concerns. We want to make it possible for you to join us at Blue Mountain Academy and start making memories to last a lifetime!

Our Financial Aid Options

Blue Mountain Academy Scholarships – 2016-2017  Here you will find every scholarship that we offer listed in one place. See how much money you could save by applying for multiple scholarships!

Financial Aid Options – We know affording Adventist education can be difficult, so we offer multiple forms of financial aid. This document presents you with each of your options, such as Conference Matching opportunities, Summer Camp benefits, Endowments and more—all accompanied by a description to better understand how we can help you receive your full potential of funds.

Church Involvement Scholarship Letters

Pennsylvania Conference Scholarship Letter 2016-2017 – Are you an active member of a Pennsylvania Conference church? Use this letter to apply for your scholarship.

Pennsylvania Pathfinder Scholarship Letter 2016-2017 – Are you a Pennsylvania Pathfinder? We have a scholarship for you! Use this letter to tell us about your club and to receive your scholarship.

Non-Pennsylvania Pathfinder Scholarship Letter 2016-2017 – Are you a Pathfinder, but aren’t from Pennsylvania? We want to recognize that as well! Use this letter to tell us about your club and to receive your scholarship.

Ready to Apply?

Financial Aid Application 2016-2017 – Use this form to apply for any financial aid you may qualify for.

Day Student Financial Intent Form 2016-2017 – Use this form if you will be commuting to BMA from home each day.

Dorm Student Financial Intent Form 2016-2017 – Use this form if you will be living on our campus as a student.

Send all PDF forms or letters to

Need more information?

Please review our current financial information on the various pages in this section.

Tuition Calculator – Figure out an estimate of what it might cost you to attend Blue Mountain Academy.

How Can I Pay For It? – Discover all of the ways you can earn money while attending Blue Mountain Academy.

Financial Aid – More information regarding Financial Aid.

Fees – A list of potential fees you might encounter as a student at Blue Mountain Academy.

Discounts – Do you have more than one student from your family attending BMA? Did you use the FACTS system to pay tuition? Did you pay your bill early? Here is a list of all potential discounts you can receive towards your tuition at BMA.

Insurance – Information regarding our student insurance policies.

Additional Information – Other financial information such as our student bank, tithe, and exam permit policies.

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