Application Fee

A $20 non-refundable application fee must be submitted with the application for admission to Blue Mountain Academy.

Registration Fee

Every student will be charged a yearly NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee. This fee covers library use, health services, student accident insurance, matriculation, achievement tests, computer lab use, Internet and e-mail services, locker rental, religious activities, Appalachian, Echoes, Student Association membership, dorm club and class dues, dorm laundry fee or village student fee.

Late Registration

Students registering or arriving late for either semester will be charged a $50 late-registration fee. In addition, late registrants will be required to pay the normal down payment equal to one month’s tuition, room and cafeteria, the non-refundable registration fee, and the room deposit. Textbooks must also be purchased for cash at registration.

Standard Cafeteria Charges

The Cafeteria operates under a “flat-rate” plan, with a minimum of $366 charged per month. The cafeteria charge is based on a daily minimum of $16 for each in-residence day in the school calendar. Students are encouraged to take all they want, but to eat what they take. Vegetarian menus are planned in advance. The menu is subject to change. Refunds will not be given for missed meals. Exceptions may be made when the student is absent for an extended period of time (a minimum of two weeks) due to illness. Any refund would begin with the third week of such an absence. Students working during home leave will be charged a nominal rate for meals taken at the cafeteria.

Room Deposit

Students are responsible for any damage to their room beyond normal wear. A $50 room deposit is required of each dorm student, refundable when the student leaves school, provided no damage has occurred.


Textbooks and class supplies are not included in the basic installment fee. Students should expect to pay $300 to $350 in cash for their books at registration. Textbooks are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and the cost varies. At year-end, the academy will purchase back hardcover textbooks that are in good condition, provided they will be used the following year.

Lab Fees

Some courses require a fee to cover equipment and supply costs. Most lab fees are included in the registration fee. Those not included are listed individually under each course description.

Music Lessons

Students taking private music lessons will be charged $140 per quarter for each different music lesson. This fee does not include books or supplies. A student who drops music lessons will be charged a minimum of one quarter. No refunds will be given.

Instrument Rental

The music department has a limited number of instruments available for use by students participating in private lessons or band for a nominal rental fee.

Local Area Transportation

Students needing transportation for medical purposes will be charged for this service, as the academy must employ someone specifically to make the trip. Students who need transportation for non-medical purposes should arrange for a driver and plan to pay at the time of service. Destination charges are listed below:

Hamburg $15
Reading 35
Mt. Penn 40
Allentown 55

Personal (cash only)
Hamburg $ 12
Reading 28
Kutztown 28
Allentown 45

Home Leave Transportation

Subject to a sufficient number of passengers, the academy will provide home leave bus service to the following areas: Southwest Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh, New England to Atlantic Union College, and New York City to Port Authority. Charges are made to each student to cover the cost of the trip and are generally competitive with commercial fares. Students are required to sign up and pay cash in advance for home leave trips. Home leave transportation schedules and fees are posted on www.bma.us.

International Student Fee

A guardian fee of $200 per month will be charged to international students who require an I-20 form.

Graduation Fee

Seniors will be charged a graduation fee of $100 to cover cap, gown, tassel, cords, diploma, and related graduation expenses.

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