Financial Aid & Scholarships

Blue Mountain Academy is able to offer a limited number of financial aid programs. Occasionally students find sponsors, often from their home churches, who are willing to help on a regular basis. Through the work-study program, our industry provides outside revenue for the academy. As much as possible, the work coordinator will assign students on financial aid industry jobs.

The following programs are available for students requiring financial assistance:

Matching Financial Aid

Many Pennsylvania Conference churches participate with Blue Mountain Academy in a matching grant plan which provides funding for constituent students who need financial assistance. Many non-Pennsylvania Conference churches also participate in the matching program. Blue Mountain Academy works to identify the specific needs of each family and assists in preparing a payment plan. BMA is willing to stretch the tuition payments up to 11 months to better accommodate the family’s needs, but the school depends on the home church to assist with their financial need. In the process of preparing a payment plan, we need to include the financial aid funds that the family will recdeive from their home church.

For any funds received up to $1,500 per dorm student and $1,000 per day student, BMA matches 200% of funds received from any Pennsylvania conference church and 50% of non-Pennsylvania conference churches. Funds must be sent directly to the school by the church. BMA will not invoice churches for external financial aid funds.

The form linked below is required if the family is applying for any financial assistance from BMA or their local church. It must be submitted by email to or by mail to the school’s mailing address, ATTN: Business Office. To download and complete the form, click on the following link:

Local Church Financial Aid 2019

Note: No matching grant offers full coverage for tuition, room and cafeteria. The parent or guardian is responsible for the balance.

Pennsylvania Student Scholarships

Pennsylvania Conference Scholarship Letter 

Southern New England Student Scholarships

3-way Plan Application 

Secondary Education Trust Funds Application

Pathfinder Scholarships

Pennsylvania Pathfinder Scholarship Letter

Non-Pennsylvania Pathfinder Scholarship Letter

Summer Youth Scholarship

Blue Mountain Academy participates in the scholarship plan for students who work at Adventist summer camps and youth evangelism initiatives. Anyone desiring additional information should contact his/her conference youth department.

Student Earnings

In keeping with Blue Mountain Academy’s philosophy, all students are required to be part of the vocation education program. Scholarships are given out based on vocation grade, hours of training, merit, and performance. Rotations are required for various levels/departments. This opportunity allows for students to gain a vast knowledge of how to adapt and more importantly excel in the workplace.

The Bible emphasizes in Proverbs 13:4: “The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.”

The Assist Program, Summer Program, and portions of our campus industry are hourly positions. It is required that students’ earnings & vocation scholarships be applied to their school bill each month.  For more information on BMA’s vocation program, please contact Aaron Weber at

Summer Work on Campus

Industry jobs and a small number of on-campus positions are available during the summer months. See details on Summer Vocational Education Opportunities page.

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