How Can I Pay for It?

You have been called to Blue Mountain Academy, and we want to do all we can to help you be successful.

  • Talk to us! We are more than willing to find a way to help you.
  • Get summer employment.  Some of the options include:
    • Work at a job in your community to save for school.
    • Work at Blue Mountain Academy.  BMA employs students during the summer at our industry, maintenance and a few office jobs.  See the Student Labor section under Financial Information for more details.
    • Work at a Summer Camp.  Pennsylvania Conference operates Laurel Lake Camp and there are other camps around the Northeast.  Scholarships are available to supplement  your earnings.
    • Cool Camp is a series of day camps operated around the state of Pennsylvania that provides employment for academy age youth while the bring the joy of Jesus to young people.
    • Pennsylvania Youth Challenge offers the opportunity to witness as well as save money for school.
    • Evangelistic Series.  Pennsylvania Conference and other organizations provide mission opportunities to preach the Gospel of Jesus in other countries.
  • Work during the school year.  Students can work on campus during the school year at various jobs.  Campus Industry provides the most opportunity for earning money, from longer hours to production incentives.  Students who work hard have opportunities to excel and increase their earnings.
  • Matching Grants.  Many churches offer financial assistance to the youth in their congregation.  Blue Mountain Academy affirms their support and works with the local conference to provide matching funds.  For more information, please contact our Business Office.
Pray.  God has many doors to open to make it possible for you to attend Blue Mountain Academy.

Many students are able to pay over half of their tuition though work earning and financial assistance.  Please call Enrollment Services at 484.662.7007 for more information.

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