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The Need

Today’s student faces many challenges in preparing to contribute to God’s work within a fast-paced and ever-changing society. We want to build on the strengths of our program and help our students reach their potential…

  • Academically — by providing individualized help with basic skills, and by challenging high achievers with advanced placement classes and other learning opportunities.
  • Spiritually — by providing opportunities for students to meet God personally through worship, service and leadership.
  • Socially — by enhancing the support we give to student-led activities and events.

Our goal is to help all students, whether natural leaders or behind-the-scenes supporters, explore, develop, and use their gifts for their Creator. The spiritual, musical, academic, social, and work components of the BMA program combine to nurture each student’s talents.

While excellence is what BMA is about, your support will make it  possible to expand what is offered to meet the growing needs of today’s student. Blue Mountain Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and your contribution is fully tax-deductible.

Academic Excellence.

We currently offer Advanced Placement English and History, along with Honors Anatomy & Physiology and World History. In 2005-2006 added junior honors English.

Spiritual Programming.

Religion classes, Bible studies, student-led small groups, outreach ministries through service in the community, mission trips and  leadership training are some of the ways our program is working to  introduce each student to a personal relationship with God. Along with these programs, we have worships in the dorms and in the classroom. Students are surrounded with opportunities and a variety of ways to learn and hear of God’s love for them.

Varied Class Opportunities.

Along with our core academic classes, we offer aviation, auto  mechanics, gymnastics, band, choir, keyboard, bell choir and leadership training.


We have a dedicated, certified staff who have a lifelong commitment to professional growth.

Affordable Education.

We work hard to help families that face financial hurdles send their child to BMA.  With our solid work program, students earn money to help offset school expenses. We also have a student-aid program that helps qualifying students. We are looking to expand this program to reach more families that need financial assistance. Another student aid opportunity is available to new students as a result of our partnership with the Commonweal Foundation and their Pathways to Success program. New students may qualify for up to $4745 in annual scholarships which are renewable yearly.

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