Advanced & Dual-Enrollment Classes

Blue Mountain Academy offers students the privilege of enrolling in advanced placement, advanced/dual-enrollment or honors classes while attending BMA. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 to enter an advanced placement, advanced/dual enrollment or honors course and must maintain a grade of C (73%) or better at the end of each semester in order to remain in the course. Approval of the instructor is required. See course descriptions in our handbook for more information.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are college courses taught at the high school level, building college-like academic skills and providing students with the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Students must pass the respective AP exam to receive college credit.

Advanced/Dual Enrollment

BMA provides the opportunity for diligent students with good grades to earn both high school and college credits (dual enrollment) simultaneously while attending BMA. The 32 hours of dual enrollment credits are General Education courses required by most colleges and universities. College credits are granted by Reading Area Community College (RACC) and Washington Adventist University (WAU) and are transferable to most colleges and universities. These courses do NOT include an AP exam.


The cost is $90/credit plus a $25 registration fee per semester. Full payment to BMA is due September 1 for first semester and January 15 for second semester. Payment may not be charged to the student’s account.

Application for WAU Dual Enrollment


The cost is $99/credit. Students will be billed directly from RACC, and payment is due November 1 for first semester and April 1 for second semester.

Online Application for RACC Dual Enrollment


Honors classes are courses taught at an advanced high school level, providing students an academic challenge and/or preparing them for advanced and AP courses.

Our Dual-Enrollment Classes Offered

Anatomy & Physiology – 4 college credits per semester
Dimensions of Music – 3 college credits
English 12 – 3 college credits per semester
United States History – 3 college credits per semester
Western Civilization – 3 college credits per semester

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