Frequently Asked Questions

Abuse and Bullying: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does BMA have a policy on abuse and bullying? 

A: Yes, for many years we have had a policy and every member of the BMA team—faculty, staff and volunteers—is required to follow it closely. In 2012 we updated the policy and we review it every year. Read it here.


Q: When abuse and bullying are reported, how are they handled?

A: At BMA, we have a zero-tolerance policy on abuse and bullying. It is not condoned, ignored nor tolerated. We take all reports of alleged abuse and bullying seriously, and seek to investigate and take appropriate action within a reasonable time frame. Our goal is to educate and prevent abuse and bullying, but when reported, we follow specific steps to investigate, maintain confidentiality and respond appropriately.


Q: How do I report abuse or bullying?

A: We provide several ways for students to confidentially report abuse and bullying:

  1. Students can report to a teacher, dean or a member of our administrative team.
  2. Parents and students can email our guidance counselor at
  3. Students and parents can also report anonymously at

Q: How will you keep my report confidential?

A: We realize that it takes a lot of courage to report an incident, but if we are to keep our campus safe and promote a healthy learning environment, all of us have to do our part. We assure you that all reports are taken seriously and handled with the utmost care and confidentially. We will not share your name or experience publicly.


Q: What if I am not satisfied with your decision about my report?

A: When it comes to abuse and bullying, silence is not your friend. If you are not satisfied with how your report is processed or you feel we have failed in handling your situation, please do not hesitate to inquire or follow up again. We do our best to address every situation quickly, thoroughly and in fairness to all involved and impacted. Know that we value and want the best for every student entrusted to our care, and our entire team—faculty, staff and volunteers—are committed to this promise.


Email additional questions to our guidance counselor at

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