How to Share a Concern or Complaint

How to Share a Complaint or Concern

Blue Mountain Academy takes bullying very seriously. Our leadership team and teachers work together on a regular basis to create safe learning environments. Our staff watches for signs of bullying, but to best end abuse and bullying, students are encouraged to let staff know there are problems, either for themselves or others. Early intervention is important and prompt action must be taken by anyone aware of an incident of bullying or abuse.

We provide several ways for students to report bullying and abuse:

  • Students can report to a teacher, dean or a member of our administrative team.
  • Parents and students can email our guidance counselor at
  • Students and parents can also report anonymously at to

When a student reports bullying, staff will deal quickly with the issue and in such a way that minimizes the risk of making things worse. Allegations of bullying are investigated and, if confirmed, are acted upon.


Advice to Parents

As the parent of a student whom you suspect is being bullied, report bullying incidents to our guidance counselor, Kerene Anglin, at or online anonymously at to

Please do not:

  • Attempt to sort the problem out yourself by speaking to the student whom you think may be behaving inappropriately towards your child or by speaking to their parents.
  • Encourage your student to be ‘a bully’ back.

These will only make the problem harder to solve.

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