Safe to Soar!

Dear Students, Parents and Friends of BMA,

This webpage is intended to help students and families know that at Blue Mountain Academy, we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to abuse and bullying. It is not condoned, ignored nor tolerated. We take all reports of alleged abuse and bullying seriously, and seek to investigate and take appropriate action within a reasonable time frame.

While we continually make it known that abuse and bullying are not welcome at BMA, we know that the times in which we live mean that sometimes bad things happen in good places, in good schools and to good people.

We want to do our part to prevent it by educating our students and families about abuse and bullying, and providing a safe place for you to seek help. Included on this webpage are a summary of our policy on abuse and bullying; news and updates about our ongoing efforts to  promote a safe and healthy learning environment for all students; frequently asked questions; and links to report incidents of abuse and bullying.

We value and want the best for every student entrusted to our care, and our entire team—faculty and staff—is committed to this promise.

Let’s continue to work together to make BMA an abuse- and bully-free school.

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