Vocational Education

The vocation education (V. E.) at Blue Mountain Academy is a fundamental part of the educational program.

Program Objectives

The major objectives of the program are to:

1. Encourage students to develop an appreciation for work as a vital part of life.

2. Teach students good work habits.

3. Provide for students to earn part of their school expenses.

Our Policy

Blue Mountain Academy believes that learning to work, being punctual, and faithfully performing assigned duties is as much a part of education as any other aspect of school life. For these reasons the school has adopted the following policy:

1. V. E. opportunities are provided for all students.

2. Supervisors will evaluate the student’s vocation at the end of each quarter.

3. V. E. responsibilities may require the student to V. E. alternate home leaves, half of Christmas break, and half of spring break.

4. Poor V. E. performance may jeopardize a student’s stay at Blue Mountain Academy.

5. The V. E. grade is part of the overall GPA. The academy makes provision for all students to spend part of each day with V. E., and arranges classes so students have two to three hours of practical V. E. experience.

6. ALL V. E. assignments and requests for changes are made through the Vocation Education Office. A student who wants summer vocation education must follow the application procedure and be accepted for the next school year.

Students must present their original birth certificate and social security card, a work physical, and work papers before they can be employed. Students must bring the original documents with them for verification before they can start V. E.

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