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For more than 60 years Blue Mountain Academy has impacted the lives of students by providing a strong academic and spiritual foundation for our students. I myself have benefited from attending as have both my son and daughter.

The BMA Sign and Apparel signifies our commitment to providing real world training as we prepare our students to become leaders in the years ahead. Your willingness to partner with this exciting new venture ensures that the next generation of young people leaves our doors with more than just a diploma, they leave with a confidence and knowledge to impact their world in a positive way!

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Free Artwork & Custom Designs! Our pricing includes both the shirt and a custom front design. Work with our artists to create something unique for you and your company.

Best Value!

200+ Shirts


  • $4.95 White
  • $5.95 Color

100-199 Shirts

100-199 Shirts


  • $5.95 White
  • $6.95 Color

36-99 Shirts

36-99 Shirts


  • $7.45 White
  • $8.00 Color

5-35 Shirts

5-35 Shirts


  • $7.98 White
  • $8.45 Color

View our Brochure for up-to-date pricing and more information regarding our products.

BMA Sign & Apparel FAQ

What kind of products do you print?

We print T-shirts, Hoodies, and other apparel. We also print banners, signs, and other large-scale prints. However, we have recently acquired a new high-quality printer so we have expanded our product line to include printing of certain types of handbags, mouse pads, coasters, wood, towels, socks, and more! Basically, we can screen print on anything with a smooth surface. Wondering if we can print on your product? Simply ask us, and we will try to make it work!

What type of shirts do you print on? What is included in your pricing?

We print on 100% Pre-shrunk cotton shirts that are available in a variety of colors. (View our Brochure for color choices). Our pricing includes both the shirt and a custom front design made by our artists. If you would like to print on the back or sleeve, there is an additional cost of $1.00-$3.00.

How does BMA Sign & Apparel partner with Adventist Education?

Our students have the privilege of working along our BMA Sign & Apparel staff to learn how the printing business works. They are involved in all aspects of the printing process, from receiving client information, to the design of the product, to the actual printing and preparation of the product. We believe that through this partnership we are providing real-world training as we prepare our students to become leaders in the years ahead. Our students will leave Blue Mountain Academy with more than a diploma, but the confidence and knowledge to impact their world in a positive way.

How does your banner printing and production work?

We print banners for as low as $2 per square foot, and that pricing includes the banner and a custom design if you choose. We can also print your designs if supplied. The banners are both indoor and outdoor use and can be pop-up banners, or studded with grommets.

See What Others Have to Say

  • Jared White
    Jared White, Andrews University, Department of Aviation

    The quality and timeliness of BMA Sign & Apparel helped us achieve our image of "AVIATION TO A HIGHER STANDARD." Thank you for working with Andrews University Department of Aviation to print our banner.

  • Jennifer Wakefield
    Jennifer Wakefield, Education Department, Columbia Union

    These t-shirts are top notch, quality and design! I would and will recommend you to anyone who needs printed t-shirts/banners!

  • John Musselman
    John Musselman, Student Association Sponsor

    The amount of time and thought that went into the design and production of our shirts was very appreciated. I liked my student officers having input in the design process. Thank you for your quick and diligent work!

  • Cindy Levan
    Cindy Levan, The Mercury

    I got the banners today! They look awesome!

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