The Computers Department is focused on teaching students to be competent with computers and other areas of technology.

Classes Offered

Computer Skills – 10 credits

This course is required for all freshmen. It will offer an introduction to keyboarding. Students will learn the most important topics of Microsoft Office. In this course students will gain hands-on experience in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and will receive an introduction to robotics, photography, and desktop publishing.

Robotics Engineering- 5 credits

Students will be given the opportunity to understand and apply the knowledge and skills required to link science, technology, and the engineering process of solving problems through the use of robotics. Students will construct robots, program their movements, incorporate input from sensors and increase performance from basic to more complex robot behaviors. This course is counted as an Applied Art for graduation requirements. Lab Fee.

Technology Certification – 5 credits

Intensive, hands-on computer training classes with the goal of receiving certification. Online classes include A+, Network+, MCITP, and CCNA. Directed independent study. This course is counted as an Applied Art for graduation requirements. Prerequisite: Approval of the Instructor. A non-refundable course fee is charged.

Contact Information
Eric Engen
IT Director/Computer Teacher
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Our Faculty

Eric Engen
Aviation, Music, Math, IT

Eric Engen

Eric Engen teaches music, math, computers, and aviation.
Soo Jin Lee
Computers, Math, and Religion Teacher

Soo Jin Lee

Soo Jin Lee teaches Computers, Math, Religion, and Korean Culture.

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