The English Department emphasizes four major areas: composition, grammar and usage, vocabulary development, and literature. Students are required to take an English class each year of academy.

Classes Offered

English 9 – 10 credits

Freshman English emphasizes four major areas: composition, grammar and usage, vocabulary development, and literature. Students will learn to write more effectively. The emphasis on grammar focuses on the errors most frequently made by students in their writing. Students will also be introduced to a variety of literature from around the world.

English 10 – 10 credits

Sophomore English has four major areas of emphasis: composition, grammar and usage, vocabulary, and literature. Students will be introduced to world literature in a historical context through the required text, as well as through supplementary reading.

English 11 – 10 credits

Junior English emphasizes four major areas: composition (understanding the writing process), grammar and usage, vocabulary development, and a survey of American literature. Literature will be presented in a historical context, beginning with Native Americans and continuing through contemporary writers.

English 11 (Honors) – 10 credits

Honors Junior English is designed for students who excel in English, and may be taken in place of English 11. This class uses much the same curricula as regular English 11, but with special emphasis on literature and literary response through essays and activities. Vocabulary studies and creative writing are also stressed. This course is recommended for students who are interested in enrolling in Advanced Placement English course as seniors. Advanced course prerequisites apply.

English 12 – 10 credits

The first semester of English 12 provides a brief SAT/ACT verbal readiness unit, as well as preparation for the college term paper. Vocabulary studies and essay writing are also addressed. Second semester focuses on British Literature from its origins through the twentieth century.

English 12 (Advanced Placement/Dual Enrollment) – 10 credits

This college level course is for seniors who have shown ability and interest in composition and insightful reading, and is taken in place of English 12. The course has two major points of focus: reading a variety of literature (including poetry, essays, short stories, plays, and longer works) and writing about the reading in journals, literary essays, and an analysis paper. Students who pass the national exam with a qualifying score may receive credit for up to two college courses. Students may also opt to take advantage of our Dual Enrollment program through Reading Area Community College. Students in this program, who receive a grade of C or higher, will be granted six semester hours of credit on a college transcript. Due to the nature of this course, enrollment is limited. Advanced course prerequisites apply.

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Karyl Kramer
English Teacher
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Jennifer Cook
English/History Teacher

Jennifer Cook

Jennifer Cook teaches English.
Barbara Mathias
English and Drama Teacher

Barbara Mathias

Barbara Mathias teaches English, Drama, and Bible.

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