Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

Blue Mountain Academy offers its students a well-rounded education that teaches students different languages of the world.

Classes Offered

 Spanish 1 – 10 credits

The principal emphasis of Spanish 1 is understanding the language and learning to speak it through the study of grammar and vocabulary. The course also attempts to build a better understanding of the customs, language, and peoples of the Hispanic world.

Spanish 2 – 10 credits

Spanish 2 seeks to expand the student’s knowledge of grammar and vocabulary so the student may communicate and understand the language on a more advanced level. The written and reading aspects of the language are also emphasized, as well as the appreciation of and exposure to the Hispanic culture. Prerequisite: Spanish 1 and/or passing of competency exam.

Contact Information
Jose Elvir
Spanish Teacher
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Our Faculty

Soo Jin Lee
Computers, Math, and Religion Teacher

Soo Jin Lee

Soo Jin Lee teaches Computers, Math, Religion, and Korean Culture.

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