Kerene Anglin-Ogot

Learning Specialist and Guidance Counselor

Kerene Anglin-Ogot (a.k.a Ms. A) is the Learning Specialist & Guidance Counselor at BMA. Born in Jamaica and moved to California to pursue a Masters and Education Specialist Degree in School counseling and Educational Psychology. She started working at BMA in 2010 and now serves as one of the school administrators.

Ms. A  deals with students who may have a learning disability or struggle with their emotions and difficult periods of their lives, as well as coordinating all the National (PSAT, SAT & ACT) and school wide testing. In addition to managing a tutoring center for those who struggle with certain courses, and managing all the career testing, Mrs. A also teaches Freshman Life Skills and dual enrollment Psychology.

Ms. A has two children and believes that God brought her to BMA to connect with the students in a way that shows Christ and have fun understanding how God works. Her passion for working with teens is based on her own life experiences. She wants students to feel free to express themselves without judgement. She enjoys working with students who may not understand the challenges they face as teenagers and desires to help them have a greater connection to Christ!

Kerene Anglin-Ogot
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