If I Could Write a Letter to My Freshman Self…

Hello! I’m Julia Viniczay and I am a FOUR YEAR senior here at Blue Mountain Academy. I can’t believe how fast the past three years have gone and how much has changed. Not only have rules, DDC, and the landscape of BMA changed, but also my perspective on some issues. If I could write a letter to myself as an incoming freshman, I would talk about these three things.

1. Take up that position or go on that trip. Take advantage of every recruiting trip and leadership position you are offered, because it shows that you were approached for a reason—you have something to share with others.

Take the incentive to try new things, like leadership positions, if you have not. The worst that could happen is that you realize that your talents could be used in another way.

2. Be a friend to everyone. In most movies, they show high school as a war between social groups. They also show that you have to find the group that you fit into, so that you can be “yourself.”

You may have similar hobbies and habits as the group you hang out with, but realize that even the people who aren’t like you might have the same goal as you. Everyone is trying to have a great year and get to graduation.

3. Prioritize! If you see a senior complaining about how much work they have, don’t worry. You don’t have to be one of them. One of things that stresses out seniors is the realization of how much work they have to do by a certain date. They think of the big picture and get overwhelmed, sometimes so much that they won’t even start working towards the deadline.

This is an example of procrastination, and as an underclassmen you should be practicing the skill of prioritizing your time. You may say you have time to learn how to prioritize, but if you start now it will develop over time. In prioritizing, try to set certain goals for free periods and study hall for what you’re going to get done in a certain class. This will help you not feel overwhelmed and realize that you are working towards the goal of being finished by the deadline.

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–Julia Viniczay, Senior
Featured Photo by Sharyl Cubero, senior.

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