Joining Bel Canto

This blog post features one of our international students and their experience with joining a touring group.

I have been at BMA for a year and a few months, and now I am a senior. I like to sing. I remember when I first came to BMA, people were asking me if I wanted to get in a touring group. I was unsure if I even wanted to stay at this school, so I decided to not get in anything. I was an NTG (no touring group).

As the time goes by, I started to get to know people and became friends with them. Some of them were in touring groups, so I could hear and see more about them. My roommate was a member of Bel Canto, and I remember her always going on tour and having fun. I started to wish I was in Bel Canto. It reached its peak when they performed a concert at BMA. It was amazing! I really liked the harmony and song.

This year, I became a part of Bel Canto. So far I’m loving it! We’ve already had over three tours, and I really have enjoyed it. If I could go back to my junior year, I would totally join and be a member of Bel Canto as I am now. I’m very excited for the future tours left during this year.


[image src=”” alt=”Min-Young Sung” align=”left” image_frame=”true” wrapper=”true” wrapper_class=”image-bordered” size=”small”]





–Min-Young Sung, Senior
Featured Photo by Mrs. Musselman, featuring Bel Canto performing during our annual Christmas Concert. 

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