Ministering at the Opportunity House

Blue Mountain Academy offers a variety of opportunities to students to serve the community. About once a month, BMA provides interested students transportation early Sabbath morning to the Opportunity House, a multi-service organization that focuses on improving the quality of life for children, families, and adults in Reading, Pennsylvania. Our students assist in making and serving breakfast for them. This past weekend, a group from BMA ministered at the Opportunity House. Here is one student’s account of her experience.

There’s nothing like waking up bright and early before sunrise on a Saturday morning.

Except, most would say that there’s also nothing like sleeping in on a Saturday morning especially for some good, old fashioned Sabbath rest. Generally, I’m an evening person, so I prefer to sleep in myself.

However, I’ve learned over my short but eventful lifetime that God doesn’t rest when it comes to helping us. So why should I rest when it comes to helping others? The price of waking up a little bit earlier is minuscule compared to the reality that I got to help someone who truly needed it.

Making breakfast in the Opportunity House, a homeless shelter in Reading, PA, is always a fun way to help people that are just trying to get back on their feet. I’ve been going to the Opportunity House since my freshman year, and have to say I’ve never regretted losing sleep over it.

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–Victoria Acosta, Senior
Featured Photo by Sharyl Cubero, senior. BMA students ministering at the Opportunity House. Victoria Acosta is on the far right.

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