No Regrets

When I first came to BMA last year, I didn’t know just how attached I would become with the atmosphere and people here.

When I first arrived, I was an outgoing and friendly person, though really hesitant to try new things. Being a transfer student, I resolved to watch people do incredible things, as opposed to actually trying it myself.

This year, I made the decision to get more involved. Watching people enjoy being part of one of the three touring groups that BMA provides inspired me to try out for the gymnastics team, Aerial Aires, this year, and thus far, it has been an amazing experience. Though I have a great deal to learn, I have strived to contribute to the team in any way I can, and I am bettering myself.

I have also assumed the role of sergeant-at-arms for the junior class’s office. Though it may be a minor position, I still would have never imagined that I would be in any type of leadership position say, just a year ago. It was expected that the position would come with a great deal of responsibility, but nonetheless, I feel accomplished about lending a hand in planning our upcoming junior presentation this February.

In short, I have learned firsthand how interesting it is to be involved in the diverse activities offered here at school. I have had no regrets about trying new things, and I strongly encourage others to do the same.

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–Kristina Esmer, Junior
Featured Photo by Ellen Musselman. The Aerial Aires team performing a routine.

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