Senior Outdoor Leadership Discovery (S.O.L.D.)

Here we were faced between nature and ourselves. We had to mentally prepare for what was about to happen. The day had finally come.

Senior Outdoor Leadership Discovery Retreat, (S.O.L.D for short) had FINALLY arrived. We managed to hold back the tears as our phones slowly died and were left without any service. Mr. Baumgartner was there to meet us and had already laid out the campsite. We couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

It was a long four days dedicated to bonding. At times we were filled with anger and frustration, but ended with trust and teamwork.

When it all came down to an end, our class voted for new officers who would be able to lead and make the tough decisions as the year progressed. Names of people who stood out as leaders during the retreat were nominated. After a series of anonymous votes were cast, names were mentioned, and eruptions of applause could be heard throughout. Our class had spoken. Brand new leaders had risen to the scene.

This experience was unlike any other. We started out separate, in our own cliques and preconceived thoughts of each other, and ended with new bonds with people we never thought we could relate to. On our last day we didn’t want to leave and begged to stay for another week.

When we got back on campus responsibilities were resumed and quickly we got back into the routine of getting back into finishing Psychology and A&P, but this time something was different and our attitudes had changed. We were now leaders.

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–Sharyl Cubero, Senior
Featured Photo by Ellen Musselman

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