SportsFest, is a one-and-a-half day event where 5-8th graders from the Pennsylvania Conference elementary schools join our campus to do a sports clinic. We just finished hosting the event this past weekend.

Lots of children from all over the state flooded our gym and the soccer/football field.

The children participate in two sports of their choice over eight sessions with many of the current BMA students assisting as needed. They also experienced worships and fun activities featuring “Doctor Bella,” and the timeless movie, Facing the Giants.

We interviewed one of the BMA student volunteers, Caleb Barney, on how his experience was helping out with SportsFest.

Q: What sport did you teach?
Caleb Barney: Volleyball.

Q: What was it like teaching?
Caleb: Teaching the sport was stressful sometimes, but all around it was a good experience. I like teaching kids, especially teaching them, what is in my opinion, the best sport ever, volleyball!

Q: What did you take away from this experience?
Caleb: I took away that teaching is learning. Not only did I teach the kids, but I learned what it was like to potentially be a teacher, which is a career I’m currently potentially interested in pursuing.

Q: Would you do this again?
Caleb: I definitely would! It was fun to participate with the visiting students and teach them more about a sport that I love.

Q: As a kid, would you have wanted to attend Sports Fest?
Caleb: Oh yeah! It would’ve been a great foundation to the sports I play now. I definitely would recommend it to other middleschoolers in the coming years.

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–Caleb Barney, Senior
Featured Photo by Sharyl Cubero, senior. The photo is of all of the SportsFest participants.

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