Student Transportation

Local Area Transportation

Students needing transportation for medical purposes will be charged for this service, as the academy must employ someone specifically to make the trip. Students who need transportation for non-medical purposes should arrange for a driver and plan to pay at the time of service. Destination charges are listed below:

Hamburg $15
Reading 35
Mt. Penn 40
Allentown 55

Personal (cash only)
Hamburg $ 12
Reading 28
Kutztown 28
Allentown 45

Home Leave Transportation

Subject to a sufficient number of passengers, the academy will provide home leave bus service to the following areas:

Southwest Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh
New England to Atlantic Union College
New York City to Port Authority.

Charges are made to each student to cover the cost of the trip and are generally competitive with commercial fares.

Students are required to sign up and pay cash in advance for home leave trips. Home leave transportation schedules and fees are posted on

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