Video Shortcodes

HTML5 Audio

[html5_audio ogg_url="song.ogg" mp3_url="song.mp3" ]

YouTube Video 1

[youtube_video clip_id=”RWxqSEMXWuw” hd=”true” width=”560″ height=”315″]

[youtube_video clip_id="RWxqSEMXWuw" hd="true" width="560" height="315"]

YouTube Video 2

Vimeo Video Clip

[vimeo_video clip_id=”43580167″ width=”600″]

[vimeo_video clip_id="43580167" width="600" height="400"]

Flash Video Clip

[flash_video video_url=”” width=”600″]

[flash_video video_url="" width="600" play="true"]

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