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Welcome to Blue Mountain Academy – a place where you can grow in your relationship with Jesus while getting a quality education and building friendships that last a lifetime!  Blue Mountain Academy is nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountain Range in rural Pennsylvania, just north of Reading.  Send us an e-mail or call Enrollment Services at (484) 662-7007 and we will be happy to arrange a time when you can visit our campus and see for yourself.

At Blue Mountain Academy we believe education is more than academic learning.  We embrace the following Core Values that mold the experience at BMA.

  • Relationship with Christ.  Seeking a relationship with Christ through prayer, Bible study, service and evangelism.
  • Mission Focus. Joining Jesus and His mission to reach our friends, community, and world.
  • Academic Excellence. Preparing students for success though an exceptional instructional program.
  • Family Atmosphere. Respecting and caring for each other in a safe, nurturing community.
  • Student Leadership. Empowering students to serve others through leadership.

BMA offers advanced instructional tracks in leadership, music, science, and technology.  With specialized classes students can graduate with advanced certificates in the following areas:

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
    • Physical Science/Engineering
    • Life Sciences
    • Technology/Computer Systems
  • Christian Leadership
  • Music

Some of the specialized classes include Music Theory, Principles of Leadership, Anatomy and Physiology, Pre-calculus, Robotics Engineering, and computer network and server management.


Events on October 31, 2014

Western PA Tour

Aerial Aires Vespers at the Wilson's house

Location: the Wilson's house

Events on November 1, 2014

Western PA Tour

BMA Ministryt teams at Meridian Road/New Castle? Shenango Valley

Location: Meridian Road/New Castle? Shenango Valley

3 man and 6 man Volleyball Tournament in the Gym

Events on November 2, 2014

Western PA Tour

Aerial Aires practice in the Gym

Location: the Gym

Events on November 4, 2014

College Fair

Events on November 6, 2014

Recognition Dinner

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